OSPF Database on Junos: Router (Type 1) and Network (Type 2) LSA

In this article, I will take a look into OSPF database on Junos and see what kind of information I can dig out for Router and Network LSAs, which are crucial for intra-area (single area) OSPF operations. Read more »

The Junosphere Experience, Part Three – Topology Files

In the previous article, I briefly mentioned that Junosphere users can load their own topology files. In this article, I will explain some basics of these files. Read more »

The Junosphere Experience, Part Two – Using Junosphere

In the previous article, I described the steps I went through to get access to Junosphere. It wasn’t smooth, but it worked. In this post, I’ll take a look at the actual experience of using Junosphere. Read more »

The Junosphere Experience, Part One – Getting Access

Late last year, Juniper Networks announced a phenomenal service called Junosphere. It’s, essentially, a cloud-based platform for device and network emulation. For those familiar with Dynamips/GNS3, Junosphere is very similar only hosted by Juniper and fully supported by JTAC. This article describes my experience with Junosphere. Read more »

Series Announcement: OSPF Database on Junos

Since I started my journey into Junos studies recently, I am curios to translate my IOS skills into the new environment. One of my strong networking areas is a fairly deep understanding of OSPF and its implementation in IOS. In the next few articles, I will try to explore the same aspects in Junos. Read more »

Bravely Moving into 2012

I’ve been very busy blogging over at IPexpert’s CCIE Blog and this personal space was neglected for a very long time. I want to keep blogging here, too. Read more »

Filtering Between RIB and FIB in Junos

I had a brief discussion on Twitter about filtering between RIB and FIB tables in Junos where participants were not sure if it was possible at all.

It appears it is possible. Here’s a very quick test with a single router, one interface and a single static route. Read more »


It’s been awhile since I posted here, but you know where to find me. I just wanted to use this opportunity to brag a little bit. Read more »

CCDE Saga Continues!

Well, my CCDE saga continues. On June 30th, while attending Cisco Live! in Las Vegas, I used the opportunity to take the written exam once again. I’m proud to say that not only I passed, but my score improved compared to the beta result by 5%. Read more »

Reproducing Blogs

Just a quick note. Some of the technical blogs I wrote here will soon be preproduced on IPexpert’s CCIE Blog. Read more »