iPexpert is offline

It would appear that iPexpert blog and website are, more or less, permanently down, and not reachable. As the result, the articles listed below are currently not available for access, as they are direct links to iPexpert’s blog.

Part of my past responsibilities as a CCIE instructor at IPexpert included writing technical blog articles. While these can be found at IPexpert’s CCIE blog, this is a categorized and updated list of those articles. Please note that as of March 28th 2014, I am no longer employed by iPexpert and have no control over the content on that blog.

Changes at iPexpert
It looks like sometime in July 2014 iPexpert changed their blog to a new layout. In that process, links to articles have changed and old links no longer work. I believe I figured out their new URL scheme and have corrected these below. Spot-checking some of them indicate they paid little attention to the content layout and some articles look really messed up and there’s nothing I can do to fix that. Please report any broken links, so I can try and fix or remove them.

IP Routing

IPv6 Routing

IP and IPv6 Multicast


Layer 2: Ethernet, Frame Relay, etc.