Statement about Rumors Surrounding IPexpert

I have been contacted by many of you in the last few days to comment on the rumors surrounding IPexpert, and its founder and CEO, Wayne Lawson. This is what I have to say on that topic.

Since I left IPexpert in March 2014, I have had only sporadic communication with anyone in IPexpert, including Wayne. I have not followed any events, nor progress made by either the company, or its management. The very same rumors you may have heard have reached me. I don’t know if any of them are false, partially, or entirely true. Feel free to reach out to me for whatever reason, and with any technical questions you may have, but this is a topic I am as oblivious to, as you are.

Happy studies!

She has also heard the rumors, and has reminded me I am now a Google engineer, and not the iPexpert instructor. Smart woman.

  1. How can I reach Marko, The Great?

  2. @ Marko

    I can see all the comments alright (I think), but the actual post itself is missing – and missing on every post page actually. :sad: I am considering using INE in my CCNP training and am doing background research on IPexpert and others, which is why I would like to hear what you have to say about this. Email is fine if you felt like emailing the post to me, but I’m not expecting that or anything.

    • Thanks for letting me know… months ago. I only now found the time to sit down, and troubleshoot what the issue is/was. It turns out it was one of the post-enhancement plugins I used since ${forever} that was misbehaving. Enjoy reading.

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