An End of an Era

Today is March 28th 2014. In itself not a special day apart from one little thing. Today marked my last day as a CCIE instructor at IPexpert.

While that’s setting in for some of you and others are yawning, let me say I won’t go into the details about reasons. Some are deeply personal, some are technical, but must importantly I developed the feeling that I’m stagnating professionally, while suffering emotionally. That wasn’t a good combination and it was time for me to move on to something a little bit more challenging…

Starting this next Monday, March 31st I am going to be joining one of Google’s networking teams in Mountain View. I’m fairly certain I won’t be able to talk about my work much (or at all), but I will try to convey as much as I can about the life of a network engineer there. I’m sure it’s going to challenge me mentally and professionally like few things did so far in my career.

Even though this post comes almost two years after the previous one, I’m hoping it won’t be the last. There will be a few coming up now that I feel free to write here again without the pressure to do it elsewhere.

She is happy for me, but busy with our little He to pay much attention to Me.

  1. Christian Kyony


    I am on my journey to get my CCIE number. And your videos are an inspiration. Good luck

  2. Marko,

    Thank you for all your clear and clever contents which help me a lot on networking stuff. I am really sure you helped a lot of people on CCIE track… Hope you can do this by means of twitter and here in next future.

    I hope for you the best for your next job and hope this is not the last entry on this blog :)


  3. Hey, that’s not fair. The first blog post after two years … telling us you won’t blog any more.

    Just joking, all the best in the new job – I’m positive you’ll thoroughly enjoy it!

  4. Marko,

    Let me be one of the first ones to congratulate you. You work at IPExpert was inspiring to thousands. I am sure you impacted many a life during your time there. You certainly impacted mine.

    I guess I would be out of order if I said you would do great at Google so I will just suffice it to say good luck. You videos, audio recordings and workbooks are here to stay and will still impact lives long after you are gone from IPExpert that much, I am sure of.

    Good luck again and break a leg.

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