Bravely Moving into 2012

I’ve been very busy blogging over at IPexpert’s CCIE Blog and this personal space was neglected for a very long time. I want to keep blogging here, too.

As the first step in that direction, I decided to move the blog over from Blogger to my own hosting and upgrade to WordPress. Blogger never quite gave me the satisfaction with the look and feel. At one point, I was happy with it, but I’m afraid that’s no longer the case. I’m so much more used to WordPress now and I believe it will allow me to keep on writing more efficiently.

That said, I will, of course, still write detailed technical articles on IPexpert’s blog. This space here will become more for my own personal networking thoughts. Since they are most likely not going to be “pure Cisco”, name change was in order. To reflect more personal nature of this blog, I also chose a very creative name of “blog”.

Other than the name change, there are obviously going to be some visual challenges and tweaks moving forward. I primarily want a clean, uncluttered design that will offer me the best platform to write short technical posts. Since this doesn’t even qualify as a hobby at this point, it will probably take a year or two before I manage ti find the look I’m looking for. That’s good enough for me.

She’s upset with me wasting a whole Sunday on this.

P.S. Apologies to both of my RSS subscribers for RSS spam. Apparently, Feedburner got a little bit confused with the migrated articles. Oops.

  1. Jerry the ccie

    re: “She’s upset with me wasting a whole Sunday on this.”

    Oh yes, she is on to something there. The text looks exactly as with old blogger. So tremendous change indeed.

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