CCDE Saga Continues!

Well, my CCDE saga continues. On June 30th, while attending Cisco Live! in Las Vegas, I used the opportunity to take the written exam once again. I’m proud to say that not only I passed, but my score improved compared to the beta result by 5%.

This is my 2nd best result on any expert-level exam so far. The best score I had was for CCIE R&S v4.0 beta. Incidentally, this is the first non-beta written exam I took in more than 3 years. I missed all the unpolished questions, to be honest. It looked weird.

What is the next step? Of course, passing the practical exam. I’m still undecided whether to wait October/December delivery date, or be brave and go on July 19th to London. I will keep you posted. One thing is certain, I will have to reread quite a bit of Optimal Routing Design and some other books that are recommended. I want that blue ribbon!

She’ll probably be upset if I decide to go to Lodnon, since I haven’t seen my home in almost a month and it will only get worse as year grows older. But, I have nothing scheduled for 19th and it may make sense to use that time.

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