Restarting the Fun

I started this blog back in July 2008, when I was part of Cisco’s CCDE beta program. I accepted playing the crash test dummy and it wasn’t very successful – unless we count passing the written and rectifying my CCIE SP. The practical test I took in October 2008 was not a success.

Fast forward 2 years, I now have one more CCIE under my belt (for those of you who didn’t understand my last post – yes, I’ve passed the R&S), I have a little bit more experience and more importantly – I have green light from my current employer to pursue CCDE again.

Yes – I’m back and ready to give it a go, one more time. Well, few more times to be honest. I expect that I’ll have to brute-force it a little bit and go two-three times to try the test, but hey, it’s a difficult and complex test.

I don’t believe I’ll be blogging a lot on this subject, as most of my blogging efforts are now focused on IPexpert’s CCIE blog, but I will write a post or two in due time. For now, I’m off to read some more of Optimal Routing Design. Safari subscription makes that a little bit easier.

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