New Responsibilities

By now it has become public what was in the making in the past few weeks. Starting November 1st, I have joined IPexpert, Inc. as full-time content developer and technical instructor. I will be able to devote more of my time to doing stuff I really enjoy – exploring and learning new things, writing about them and passing this to others.

I will be teaching classes in the parts of the world that are not United States. If you are scheduled on any IPexpert’s R&S or SP bootcamps in Africa, Asia, Australia or Europe – see you there! If not, what are you waiting for?

What this means for this blog is uncertain at this moment. I will, of course, be publishing CCIE/CCDE related content on IPexpert’s blog, but I will most certainly continue to write things here. I suppose this blog will become more personal than it was, but still relevant to networking.

She is happy about my new position. I really love her. She will become Mrs, real soon. We’ll keep you posted on that!

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