Monthly Archives: August 2009

Quick Thought on OSPF

Where I work, we use a lovely tool called RANCID to track changes made to our routers. We get config diffs for most of our routers every 30 minutes. It makes a great sanity check to be able to see changes like that. I’m now sitting at work, having a very long week dealing with software upgrades in the backbone, dealing with bugs and all 3 Cisco’s TAC locations. Naturally, it involves a lot of troubleshooting, but unfortunately long periods of idling, as well. Idling spent writing blogs, Tweets, commenting on just about everything on Facebook and… spying on provisioning team to see if they have any clue. Well, I be damned. They do! Read more »

Introduction to Interprovider MPLS L3 VPN’s

This post is about the technology that has somewhat limited use in real life – at least most interesting (complex) parts of it.

There are many reasons why these technologies are not widely used it and I will touch on some of them in appropriate sections, but major reasons are (in)security and relative complexity. Since these technologies are in their nature oriented towards network service providers and they tend not to like complexity and especially trusting other networks, it’s easily understood why there are not many applications in real life. Read more »

IPv6 in Carrier Networks

There is a lot of buzz on the Internet about IP addresses running out. It has been like that for years, but voices are even louder these days. RIPE NCC has even opened informational web site called IPv6 Act Now. There is a lot of information out there how to deploy IPv6, how to connect to the Internet using it, so on and so forth. Read more »