Happy New Year!

This post has pretty much nothing to do with networks. I’m allowed one of those from time to time, am I not?

2008 has been a year that left me with mixed feelings. I’m sure that I don’t have to talk about all the bad things, like economies going into deep recession. 2008 was also a year in which She moved in with me and that I travelled a little bit more than usual. Those are all nice things. Still, bad things prevail.

I would like to state that I wish 2008 never ever happened. I really can’t think of any single event in 2008 that I would really wish to remember for the rest of my life.

Begone you foul, foul year!

2009, I wish you welcome from the depth of my heart. Don’t pay attention to your expired cousin.

I’ll return to regular network ramblings later. Sorry for interruption, but I had to share my thoughts on 2008 with someone. Who is better than everyone and noone in particular!

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