CCDE Results

Status quo as far as I’m concerned. With Cisco being “in shutdown” this week, not even certification support is of any use. Icelandic post office is on hiatus, as well. Joy of life!

Identity of CCDE #20080002 is still a mystery, but there are some interesting movements in our small CCDE wannabe community. We got ourselves a Hall of Fame! It’s a short and incomplete list, but I’m sure we’ll complete it soon enough.

While I remain somewhat optimistic about my result, there are two other candidates that I know, who are perhaps expecting good news. One of them is Scott Morris and the other one is Mihai from Romania.

If I needed to choose one of them to go with me to the final tribal council, I would have to vote Scott off. Too much of a competition there – sorry mate ;-).

Of course, there are at least 20 others who are equally good, but I’m not in touch with them – they don’t count!

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