Monthly Archives: December 2008

CCDE Results

Status quo as far as I’m concerned. With Cisco being “in shutdown” this week, not even certification support is of any use. Icelandic post office is on hiatus, as well. Joy of life! Read more »

Am I CCDE #2?

That still remains an open question!

I just heard the news about CCDE #20080003. Since the person in question did not post results in public, I will not reveal the name, yet. Read more »


Now, that’s a question!

The results have started trickling in. There are reports on several fora from people who got them. So far, it’s almost as we expected – a lot of people who didn’t make it and one, so far, who did.

Apparently, Ryan Hicks is a CCDE #20080001. Yup, another “it appears so”. We have new number format compared to the numbering scheme in CCIE tracks. Personally, I prefer CCIE format. If nothing else, it’s shorter… for now ;-).

My result is still not in. I’m cautiously optimistic, but only time will tell. If nothing else, I’ll soon be planning visit to London. I like London, but I would prefer to go on my terms.