On Death of Networks

There is something sad about networks being decommissioned. Especially so for ones that have served faithfully and well during many years of production.

Last Saturday I removed the last live connection from the first ever Metro Ethernet network in Iceland – “IP Borgarnet”. It has been put in production in late 1999 and it served faithfully until Saturday. It has gone through few upgrades here and there, but it was essentially the same ol’ switched ring.

What makes it particularly sad and what made me write this blog is one other event that occurred in that particular network on Friday evening. One of the core switches died. It simply refused to talk to the rest of the world, while still passing the traffic. It was like it knew that its purpose is no more. There was no need to be old faithful any longer. Even though I was strong supporter of selling the whole lot on eBay, I would like to have that particular switch in our small telco museum.

Rest in peace, IPB. Thank you for many years of good service and yottabytes transferred!

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