To Study or not to Study?

No, that’s not a question, just a state of mind. Not a permanent, rather temporary one. Yesterday was my birthday and the day before was the party. Of course, I had to take a short study break… 3 days into the venture. I took longer break from blogging than I did from learning, really.

I finished ORD and started reading “Comparing, Designing, and Deploying VPNs” (CDaDV). Conveniently, there is a 45-day Safari access coupon included with the hardcopy. I can now read during slow work hours. Given it’s infamously slow Icelandic business summertime I can read for 8 hours… Which I intend to do as long as I can.

CDaDV is a good book and knew that for some time now. I used it to brush up on MPLS VPN’s when I was working towards the CCIE SP last year. This will be my main source of VPN information for CCDE quest. Hopefully it will provide enough of design considerations as it did for implementation. Once again, only time will tell.

More and more I have the study timeline formed in my mind. I think I will finish brushing up rusty knowledge by the end of August. That leaves September for case-study practices. I’m still trying to figure out how to practice case studies and scenarios, but I will get there eventually. I also hope to have some u$able material at the end of the ballad.

She seems to be unhappy and worried about something. I need to figure that out, as it appears to be serious.

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