Study Day Two

I still dislike EIGRP, but I am determined to understand it. I fully expected yesterday to write all about it here, but no, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to spend time writing about something else. Something else is a book. A book called “Optimal Routing Design”.

Now, like my profile says, I’m a bit of a routing geek. I like to read good books about networking and learn from them. It has been long time since I’ve seen good network design book. Most of the design books are either horribly outdated the day they are printed (Top Down Network Design), or they have instant tranquilizer effect on me. In short, I’m not sure there is a good, interesting network design book.

At least that’s what I thought until today. ORD is a real gem. Written by smart people for, well, smart people. Unlike many other books that simply detail good designs, this book is full of really bad ones. Purposefully so. Authors take a network that appears to be rather good and then point out all that is wrong with it. At moments, it’s a real eye opener. This at least holds water for EIGRP parts.

Of course, it contains mandatory sleepy bits. Am I the only one who can’t stay awake while reading case studies?

She is handling my studying well so far. She is handling it so well that She even agreed to go and see The Dark Knight. She’s very kind.

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