ORD Almost Finished

That’s right, I’m almost done with “Optimal Routing Design”. To be honest, I was skimming over some configuration details and case studies, focusing on the design bits more. I’m already certified implementer… There are some things to note. I should’ve read this book before. I really like it.

I feel a bit more comfortable about EIGRP after today. I managed to squeeze a little bit of “Routing TCP/IP, vol. 1” into reading schedule. It appears that I was grossly overstating my EIGRP illiteracy. I was just very rusty.

After finishing ORD, I need to focus on dark magic technologies. To be perfectly clear, I mean all the “security” stuff – VPN’s, IPSec, tunnels, etc. Not my cup of tea when it comes to networking, but I’m sure a very necessary one. I think that enough material would be covered by “Comparing, Designing, and Deploying VPNs”. I happen to have a hardcopy, so 3 days of Safari subscription will go to waste. Nice memories from Cannes and that book.

She is made of gold.

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