New Quest and New Blog

This post is supposed to be the equivalent of “Hello World”. I’ve never really blogged before, mostly for two reasons. My writing is bad and I had no real purpose to blog. Some things have changed.

Today is July 23rd. Today is exactly 68 days until first beta batch testing for CCDE practical goes live in Chicago. Today was also the official start day of my studies for it.

My intention is to keep this blog simple, mostly for my own use to keep track of where I am, what have I done and how far I need to go in the pursuit of becoming one of the first CCDE’s. Of course, chances are that this blog will become evidence of my monumental failure to do so.

Information on what to expect in practical is vague at best. The best I can do is to go through reading list and pick up on books that I missed while studying for CCIE. The first one that I’m reading right now is Russ White’s “Optimal Routing Design”. Interesting so far, but reading it opened whole new can of worms. I suspected and admitted it for years, but now it’s obvious. I actually now absolutely nothing about EIGRP.

This will have to become my priority, I need to read, learn and understand this silly Cisco’s pet before I can seriously consider going for exam designed by the same people who wrote the protocol. If written is any early warning what to expect on practical, I should speak EIGRP like it were my mother tongue.

After I’m done reading books from the reading list and understanding EIGRP, I think I will have to focus on going through various case studies. Some from CCO and some from other Cisco Press books – like “Definitive MPLS Design”. Hopefully this time it won’t put me to sleep every time I open it.

Last but not the least, timing of CCDE practical couldn’t be worse. She has just arrived. Hopefully I will make it up. Last time She was here, I spent a whole month writing SP workbook for IPexpert. This time it’s CCDE. I think She will develop knee-jerk reaction to word “Cisco”. Or perhaps, She will understand fully that I’m routing geek. Time will tell.

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