Administrivia for August 2016

Both of you fellow readers may have noticed the blog has been offline for a couple of days. I noticed several important issues with the underlying operating system, as well as the WordPress that needed my urgent attention. So, to minimize the possible security implications, I disabled the website for a few days until I had time to fix all that stuff. Site is now back online, and actually viewing the posts works. Also, some aviation-related pages have been fixed, since they broke too.

She is still sticking with me :-).

Statement about Rumors Surrounding IPexpert

I have been contacted by many of you in the last few days to comment on the rumors surrounding IPexpert, and its founder and CEO, Wayne Lawson. This is what I have to say on that topic.

Since I left IPexpert in March 2014, I have had only sporadic communication with anyone in IPexpert, including Wayne. I have not followed any events, nor progress made by either the company, or its management. The very same rumors you may have heard have reached me. I don’t know if any of them are false, partially, or entirely true. Feel free to reach out to me for whatever reason, and with any technical questions you may have, but this is a topic I am as oblivious to, as you are.

Happy studies!

She has also heard the rumors, and has reminded me I am now a Google engineer, and not the iPexpert instructor. Smart woman.

Musings for 2016

Title says all. I haven’t posted anything of significance here for more than two years, excluding those “I’ll write more articles”. Which leads me to my point.

Since I’m no longer teaching networking, and I can’t really talk about what I do at work, or really even comment on the direction of the industry in general due to the fact I work with stuff that’s ahead of the time, and itself for most of the time, the existence of this blog under this title and general subject is a little dubious.

So, what’s the plan for the future? I don’t know, but I suppose I should find out soon enough. And yeah, comments don’t work. Mostly due to my laziness to fix them.

She doesn’t really care what I do with the blog, as long as I don’t spend all time on it :-).

Administrivia for August 2014

This is one of those posts I hate the most. You know when inactive bloggers inform the world about the cool changes they make to their sites and promise how they are going to blog more. Yes, those exactly.

I decided to try something new this time around. You may or may not be seeing it at the same time I do, but if you are seeing this, then my cunning plan worked out perfectly. Read more »

An End of an Era

Today is March 28th 2014. In itself not a special day apart from one little thing. Today marked my last day as a CCIE instructor at IPexpert.

While that’s setting in for some of you and others are yawning, let me say I won’t go into the details about reasons. Some are deeply personal, some are technical, but must importantly I developed the feeling that I’m stagnating professionally, while suffering emotionally. That wasn’t a good combination and it was time for me to move on to something a little bit more challenging…

Starting this next Monday, March 31st I am going to be joining one of Google’s networking teams in Mountain View. I’m fairly certain I won’t be able to talk about my work much (or at all), but I will try to convey as much as I can about the life of a network engineer there. I’m sure it’s going to challenge me mentally and professionally like few things did so far in my career.

Even though this post comes almost two years after the previous one, I’m hoping it won’t be the last. There will be a few coming up now that I feel free to write here again without the pressure to do it elsewhere.

She is happy for me, but busy with our little He to pay much attention to Me.

Five Years Later…

Five years ago, on this exact date, around this same time as now I walked out of a room in De Kleetlaan 6 in Diegem near Brussels feeling humbled, but not humiliated after taking my CCIE Service Provider lab exam for the first time.

I walked down the pathway to the hotel, where I happen to be right now (NH Hotel) and had a crocodile steak for dinner. In couple of hours from that moment, I found out I became a CCIE #18427 on my first attempt.

Today, exactly five years from that moment at almost the exact spot, I’m helping 12 other engineers fulfill their dream of becoming a CCIE by teaching a CCIE bootcamp.

What a professional journey last five years have been!

She became She only a couple of weeks later. Soon, we’ll be three :-).

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